New Patrol

New Nissan Patrol

Steeped in a rich legacy of automotive ingenuity dating back to 1951 and inspired by the need for an all-purpose sports utility vehicle, you can be sure this rugged 4x4 will deliver to your every on and off-road need. Each new and improved generation of Nissan Patrol has been finely tuned to deliver the latest seventh generation off-road SUV that proudly leads the way in its class.

Tackle the toughest of terrains with confidence and ease with a climbing ability of 45 degrees and incline angle of 48.5 degree while advanced 4x4 technology allows you to shift between its four drive modes; sand, road, snow and rock with no effort at all.

The Nissan Patrol is more than just your rugged off-road SUV. The new generation Nissan Patrol exudes luxury from every corner of its spacious interior. A beautiful mix of wooden panels, chrome finishes and leather translates the surrounding environment into a first class cabin with comfortable seating for seven.

Integrated with Nissan Intelligent Mobility, you can be safe in the knowledge that your new Nissan Patrol is covered by our comprehensive service and warranty plan as well as a 24 hour roadside assistance.