New Datsun GO Range

Designed and built with the purpose of providing the go-getters in life with access to a car that delivers to their every need, the new Datsun GO range provides just that - and more! Seeing the need for an urban vehicle in the South African motoring market that’s affordable yet stylish, fuel efficient yet performance-driven, Datsun decided to return and provide young motorists with a refreshing take on a car specific to their needs.

With more than 20 million cars sold under the Datsun brand in over 190 countries world-wide, you can be sure that the Datsun brand is here to stay and expand into new vehicle segments. Our current new car range covers the Datsun GO, the in-demand hatchback with loads of attitude and style to match, and the Datsun GO+ Lux, the new 7-seater family car that’s as versatile as it is affordable, and the Datsun GO panel van which is your answer to low cost ownership for your business.

Begin your search by selecting a model below to explore all that the Datsun Go range has to offer you.